Upcoming: Handlebar Happy Hour, and Bike to Work Day

Now that the year has made it into May, aka Bike Month, draw a big old wheel symbol on the calendar space for the 15th - the official Bike To Work Day. There are a couple local pit stops that I am aware of slated for that morning: The Claremont Pit Stop, after a hiatus last year, is scheduled to return out front of the Depot from 7am to 9am. Once again it will be sponsored by Metro with morning treats and coffee, an information table, and possibly little freebies. The second will be held at the University of LaVerne, sponsored by the ULV and the recently-formed LaVerne Bicycle Coalition; this one will have longer hours - between 7am and 10am - and be located at the ULV Campus Center (2nd & C Streets).

If, like myself, you need to hit the road before 7:00 in order to make it to work in time to change and cool down, don't fret you can still participate in the day's festivities. Stop off at The Press, in the Claremont Village on the way home. A little get together with members and friends of the Pomona Valley Bicycle Coalition (PVBC) will be taking place there between 5pm and 8pm. I bet you can take out a membership at that time or, like I need to do, renew an old one (at least you can get information on doing so). The PVBC is the local chapter of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition. Together they organize some great events and programs, and do much work advocating for cyclist rights and road improvements. Come out and show your support.