Took the Expressway

Express way for the day

After dropping a little something off at the LBS for replacement this morning I hopped onto the Expressway, no, make that the Express way, for a few quick laps at Bonelli. Though some recent grading, smoothing, and bridge work certainly made things faster, they also took a measure of fun out of the experience.

Get ready with the sound of one hundred mocking trombones.

Seriously, a bridge over that little pittance of a stream? What, trail runners can't get their feet wet? Wicked Witch of the West Syndrome or something? Not being coordinated enough to have ever done any type of running event, at least not since those years at Sepulveda Jr. High School, I actually can't say what the reason behind all the trail work is. Though I have some educated guesses, and yes, wet feet happens to be one of them.

And, cue the hundred: Wah, Wah, Waaaah.

Anyway, as I rolled across hills turning brown in the Spring sun I came across a rather large congregation of spectators camped out ahead of what I assume will be this weekend's foot-oriented festivities. Their stony countenances and rock-like silence was kind of awkward as I lay down my bike and shuffled amongst them taking photos. I was riding well today and so, even though they kept their emotions largely in check, I could sense some sentiment seeping through cracks. Yes. They were in awe.

Guy kindly came into view at just the right time

someone has been very busy at Bonelli. these hoodoo spectators are all over this one hillside. watch for them to appear in a separate post soon.

Oh, by the way, after a quick search, it turns out the Express Race is a triathlon so I guess they are not afraid of a little water - the Los Angeles Championship & Tri Express Triathlon Series, Saturday May 10th, North Shore.