Monday Blues: Rapha Special Edition ATOC Stage Six Cycling Cap

In case you missed it Rapha had special, and limited, edition cycling caps made up for each stage of this years Amgen Tour of California (ATOC). The front panel is graced with the stage number, in this case six. The sides have the stage start and end points - Santa Clarita and Mountain High. The back says Tour of California 2014 with the House (House Industries) logo and, if you flip up the brim it says Rapha. In fact, if you go to the House Industries website, a slideshow at the top shows the collection of caps from each stage.

Anyway, I was standing at Michelob Lite table drinking a Coke, with my Hamms Beer cycling cap perched on my head, when I noticed a guy riding around with a plastic bag of, what looked like, cycling caps inside. He rolled over to another table where there was a guy with an old wool Maglia Rosa jersey on with an equally vivid Giro cap. They talked for a couple minutes, about caps I imagine, during which time I tried to look all nonchalant, but keeping a watch out the corner of my eye. I like to think I owe it to the Hamms cap that he next rolled over to my table, stopped, and placed one of those prizes before me. We exchanged comments of admiration for one anothers' caps before he moved on to a group of Golden Saddle riders hanging out at the Ten Speed Coffee trailer to divest the rest of his goods. 

Nothing blue but the color for this week's Monday Blues.