Monday Blues: OTB @ Aliso Viejo, Memorial Day 1994

This weeks' Blues comes direct from the pages of the log, twenty years ago, an off the back experience during a race at Aliso Viejo.

"This Memorial Day race was not as hot as some past ones I remember nor yesterdays 100º weather. The circuit at Aliso Viejo is one where attrition plays the biggest factor. Start is part way up a 125 foot climb. Pace was quite high from the gun although the field stayed pretty much together. After that disintegration ensued with the leaders extending their gaps on the climb each successive lap until finally the chasers were not able to make contact on the descent. I found myself in the second chase group of anywhere from four to six [racers] and fluctuating as we caught stragglers. Finally, on the last few laps there were just the four of us, including Tom. T seemed to think there were maybe twelve to fifteen riders who finished ahead of us. Who knows, with 52+ starters, and stragglers being lapped it was kind of hard to tell. Rough race."

In recognition of all who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the cause of freedom, liberty, and human right, celebrate this Memorial Day in their memory.