Good Luck El Roble Bike Marathoners

Due to a fluke of luck, and change of evenings course, I happened by the El Roble Intermediate School. I figured the unusually high volume of vehicle traffic must mean something was up, and sure enough as I rode past the track there were the tents and shade pop-ups, with kids circling the dirt oval. It has been a few years since the boy rode the bike marathon, and in that time it has kind of fallen off my radar. In other words, I completely forgot about it. Bummer - it is very cool that the teachers, administrators, students, et al, have kept this annual event going all these years (37th now, I believe).

For those who began riding this afternoon, will continue through the dark of night, and finish up at noon tomorrow, it is an accomplishment to be proud of. Not just the bragging rights for all the miles ridden, but doing so for a cause which benefits others. Will records be set? How many laps circled? How many crank rotations? How many pizzas and burgers inhaled? How many bottles of gatorade and gallons of water will be downed? Who cares? Just have fun - it is something you will always remember.

Ride long, ride far, El Roble students, and may the wind be ever at your backs.
Here is the link to coverage of the 2012 marathon at the old blog. I case you haven't seen it.