2014 Seasons in the Sun Sponsorship

Time to get things started. Well, technically that began with the first race in January. What it is time to do is begin searching out sponsors for the 2014 edition. The 2014 volume will be bigger and better, there will be a wider selection of races - if you follow the blog you may have realized there are already a wider selection of races. By the end of the year, by the time it goes to print, there will be two to three times as many races covered - road, mountain, track, cyclocross.

Anyway, just as I did with last years edition, I am seeking sponsors to help keep the cost down so that it can be more widely distributed. If you own a company, work for a company, if you are a company or just an individual philanthropist, who would like to support the project, let me know by sending me an email. If you provide me with a graphic I will put it in a sponsor section at the back of the book for all to see. Best yet, I am going to lower the price of sponsorship this year - the lowest level sponsorship will start at $50.00 for a quarter page advertisement. While any amount is welcome, anyone contributing at the basic level, or more, will receive a free copy of the book. Two hundred dollars will garner you a full page ad.

The 2014 Seasons in the Sun is a yearbook type publication, with photos and essays, from each of the races across Southern California that I have covered for the blog over the course of the year. Why? Because I am a cycling nut and glutton for punishment. I love the racing scene, the intensity, the camaraderie, the grit, the grime, the glory of it all. Even all the stuff that happens before, after and in between the races is good.

Southern California may have the longest racing season of any place in the world. Some would say it never ends, but blurs from one season to another, a continuous cycle from discipline to discipline where the racers stay the same, only the bikes change. The Seasons in the Sun keepsake is my small way of documenting all the action over the entirety of a year.

And if you have not picked up a copy of the 2013 edition, there is still time for that too.