2014 ATOC, Stage Seven: Come On Lars

Yesterday I got so caught up in catching up with a couple old buds - Tom and Devon, that  I really did not get a good spot for race photos. It is great how these big events draw people out, people you maybe have not seen in far too long. Maybe not so great is how time flies, and how some of those old buds (and myself) are on the cusp of becoming a part of the old timers group, people who have been associated with the sport for, shall we just say more than a couple decades, and leave it at that.

Once the big screens came on, all eyes turned its way. when we (the family and I) found out Lars Boom was in a break we hoped against hope that it should hold. Lars signed a big foam #1 finger for the boy a few years back and has been a favorite ever since.

Go Lars! it was not to be though, as the break was absorbed about the time they entered the city.

first through the streets of Pasadena - Ben King (17) and Greg Van Avermaet

Bradley Wiggins still in Yellow

Once Lars was out, and Cavendish was not in contention, i was kind of hoping for a win by the mighty Thor Hushovd. Instead it was the man in green, always a crowd favorite, the only racer to have a big cut-out head, Mr. Peter Sagan.

Also caught up with some buds of a more recent variety, a group of Psycho-lists who made their way out to Pasadena as part of the Incycle ride.

Okay. Racing done. Time to go. And I have to get out the door. There is a ride going up GMR this morning, and I don't want to be late.