The Thursday Night Ride: Lies, All Lies

I'm not sure what to call this ride any more - in my local ride list I call it Erik's Night Ride, but I have also heard/seen it referred to as the Claremont Night Ride, the Psycho-lists Night Ride and the most recent moniker, courtesy of Jason, the Crazy Legs Ride. Take your pick, they all refer to the same thing.

a "rider high" view

Since the time change a month ago, the ride has branched into two groups - one a little bit slower and more relaxed, the other a little bit faster. The social group pulling out at 6:30, the harried group leaving fifteen minutes later on their slightly longer, one-less-regroup route. I guess it kind of depends on how many people show since last nights group of sixteen formed up into a single unit. Fair enough, that is a good size for a group. The question was, would it be the relaxed group, or the fast group? If it was the relaxed group then the projected average speed of fourteen to sixteen mph, was an outright fib. The twenty mph fell right on the median for the faster group.

With a good night's sleep between me and the reality, I can say with confidence, that I had a great time. It has been at least two to three months since last I did this one, and in that time, it seems the ride had added some new adherents. Or maybe, since I am such an infrequent participant, it is myself who is perceived as a new adherent. Whatever, there is no discrimination here. 

With the little battle between Richard and the latest phenom in the SoCal women's peloton, Riley, there was guaranteed to be some speed work. Throwing in everyone else who wanted in on that action, and you have the makings of a pretty quick night. Honestly, I didn't have to do a darned thing, just sit in and go along for the ride. To get something out of it, though, they did grant me leave to lead up Mountain near the end of the ride. If you want to control the tempo, just sit at the front and don't let anyone move around you. My guess is, we were supposed to ride at a more relaxed pace there, and my 90% max, was 50% for everyone else. Damn, my self-perception just took another hit with that realization. Oh well.

I always end this ride saying that I am going to make it a weekly habit. No different this time. I shall return. Hopefully next week.

my lead out train got a little bit ragged at this point