Honored to Know You

You know, sometimes I am just happy to be out riding my bike, living life as it is meant to be lived, enjoying my surroundings and the company I am with. Sometimes pride enters into the picture. Not the kind of pride for scooping up the sprint honors at the edge of town, but for accomplishments of another sort.

photo courtesy of Richard Mayo

You may recall that one of our local riders, LaVonne Koester, lost her life on the road earlier this year during the Tour de Palm Springs. Almost immediately riders from the Psycho-lists, and Cycling Connection, dedicated themselves to raising funds for the American Diabetes Association and their annual fundraiser, the Tour de Cure. This was a cause dear to LaVonne's heart, and one that the group composed of friends, acquaintances, and fellow riders raised over $25,000 for. Yes, Twenty-five Thousand Dollars. On Sunday morning, kited out in specially designed jerseys proclaiming that they were "Jerry's Kids", the group did LaVonne proud, did themselves proud and, even though I was elsewhere that morning, did myself proud, at least from an "I know them" perspective. They might get a bit wild at times (from what I hear); it probably has something to do with the name, but they can pull themselves together when the reason is right. That's it, I simply felt their efforts should be acknowledged. You guys and gals exhibit the best of what it means to be a bicyclist.