2014 SoCal Cup Criterium #4: A SPY in the Midst

Masters 35+ podium

seven BBI-SIC riders at the front - that is a train, with the eventual Masters 45+ victor, Craig Miller, last in line

incoming, around turn two during the Cat 4 race

Rachel Cross, the Women's Cat 3/4 race champion

five away, the victorious break in the Masters 35+ race

Cat 3's in 'V' formation head into turn one

The usual roster of protagonists from Surf City Cyclery lined up in the Masters 35+ race. Their strategy of controlling the race from off the front played out early when three of their men instigated a break, Kayle LeoGrande, Patrick Bos, and Robert Kamppila. The trio were joined by Max Hernandez of Incycle Racing p/b Full Circle Cycling, and Jonathan Davy of SPY Giant Ride. Those five never looked back, well actually they did but, they need not have bothered. Their gap grew with each lap until the question shifted from "would they be caught" to "would they catch the peloton?" The answer to that latter question was a definitive yes. LeoGrande took the win with enough of a margin for one of his famous victory salutes; Bos came second, and Davy crashed the Surf party by grabbing the third spot of the podium. 

A selection of ninety-one photos from the Masters 45+, Cat 4/5, Masters 35+, Women 3/4, and Cat 3 can be seen by jumping to the Flickr album. More to come...