Monday Blues: The Brackett Field Search Light is Gone

Wait, you say it is not Monday. I forgot, so a day late will have to do.

Yes, that search light, and its tower, atop the rocky knoll overlooking Brackett Airfield is no more. When I rode over to Bonelli this past Friday afternoon a crane and work crew were busy at work dismantling the tower, the lamp already having been removed. I don't know what the lights history was, can't find anything on it around the web but, if nothing else, it was a distinct landmark in the area. I always imagined it a relic from war years, but could never confirm that. I guess it is all irrelevant, now that it is gone; people who never saw it up there will never know it even existed. I do wonder what the reason was - did someone buy it, was there danger of collapse, has it been moved to a museum? It looked a lot like the one at nearby Cable Airfield which still stands; maybe they are a kind of generic small airfield search light, now obsolete.


  1. The Brackett Airport beacon tower is simply being replaced with a newer, more modern, pole type design. Once the concrete foundation is set the new single pole will be erected and the beacon will be put back in its place. This is one of many navigational aids around the region used by pilots to locate airports while flying at night or in inclement weather. The white/green rotating light indicates that this is a civilian airport (as opposed to a military airport which would be white/green/green).

    1. Thanks CW. My calling it a searchlight probably gave away my ignorance of most things aviation. The tower was such a familiar sight in that area that it was odd not seeing up on the knoll. Cheers.


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