Michael Wagner, and How to Wear a Cycling Cap

Oh, you all are in for a treat with this post. Just look at all those photos of moi there. You know, now that I think of it, maybe it is a good laugh you will get from this one.

Rain days. What are you going to do?

I had been meaning to document my little collection of cycling caps for some time, and what better way than by wearing them. All I was waiting for was a good rainy no-riding kind of day. Well last weekend we finally got one, or two, or three of those, and there you go.

Some of those caps have rarely been worn, others have seen better days. The elastic is completely shot on some, the brim has started to rip off on at least one, and is severely warped on another. A couple of them look really small - what the heck - did they shrink? The oldest is probably the Chevy/Sheriffs one, but it could also be the Killian's Irish Red - both of them may be approaching twenty-five years. I was hoping to show that any way is a good way to wear a cycling cap, but as it turns out I am not so sure I can prove that point with these photos.

The real question, should you chose to accept a little challenge, is to find the one cap that isn't really a cycling cap. Let me know your guess as a comment.


  1. My most beat cap is my Bud's Bike Shop one, in the faded yellow. Don't forget that you can also don the cap with the bill in the back—under a helmet, it helps avoid a burnt red neck during SoCal riding in the Summer sun.

    1. True that. I have always been more concerned with keeping the sun away from my nose though.

  2. Is it the brown one with the red stripe?


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