2014 US Cup at Bonelli Park, Day 2: Pain and Suffering

Flash back a year to a weekend in March 2013 when the US Cup series made a stop here at Bonelli Park. My post title then made reference to smiles and shamrocks. This year took a turn for pain and suffering.  She uttered those two words in a comment to me as she rode past while climbing along the backside of the course. I wasn't qualified to do anything more than give a little laugh in commiseration; though I had ridden up to the same point overlooking the reservoir's cool waters, I didn't do it while racing, I only did it once, not multiple times, and I certainly did not do it with an injured wrist. Funny thing is I did not even notice that last until it came time to upload photos, being hypnotized instead by the steamers waving at one end of her handlebars.

Other than the pros, who were to race short track in the afternoon, the category 2 and 3 racers competed along the same course that Katerina Nash and Geoff Kabush won on yesterday. So, while today's Cat 2 women did not do as many laps, that wrist had to have taken quite a pounding. I am sure she felt every jolt, especially on the descents - that she had made it this far was reason enough to have head held high.

I completely forgot to snap photos of the result postings today, so other than one photo below, I have no more idea than you who won what, who placed where, and won't know until they are officially posted at the US Cup website. As usual you can jump to the Flickr set for a selection of ninety-three photos from the day's Cat 2 race, including men, women, masters, juniors, the single speeders, and one of the tandems. Keep in mind, also, that those ninety-three are a fraction of what I took; if you are interested in seeing what I might have of you, or someone you know, send me an email and I will check. Until the next race, ride on.

Rider #633, Jason Denny, Cat 2 Men 25-29

Brian Carlson on his way to winning the Cat 2 Men 30-34

i couldn't imagine any scenario in which someone would willingly race this course on a singlespeed. i was glad to see a group of racers prove me wrong. and then there were the tandems - ouch.