2014 San Dimas Stage Race: Stage One Time Trial

And for that, Luke Ollett, Cat 2 (SoCalCycling.com / Craig Shelly) earns the coveted Top o' the Story spot. Cheers

The stage one time trial of the 2014 San Dimas Stage Race (SDSR) - the usual sprint up Glendora Mountain Road. Do you ride it to win, or do you ride it to conserve energy for the next two stages? Do you go all out from the release, or wait for some point in the middle of the climb? Clearly there was a great variety of riding, but was it due to necessity or strategy? Only the racers themselves will know for sure.

Isaac Guerra Marin, Cat 2 (San Diego Bicycle Club / Emerald Textiles)

Joshua Leibowitz, Cat 2 (Michelob Ultra / Big Shark Racing)

I think the Cat 2's are the most neglected group in the peloton. Every weekend, for nine months of the year, each of the other categories get their own races - the Fives sure, the Fours of course, (and sometimes two), the Threes naturally. But the Two's? They get lumped in with the Pro's and One's, who are virtual pros anyway, just at a lower wage scale. This is one of the things I like about SDSR and a few other races. They give the Two's a chance to compete on a level field. Anyway, if you take the jump to the Flickr set you will notice a lot of Two's, and you will know why.

And speaking of the Cat 2's, Efren Flores of the LUX Development Team set the fastest time for the group at 15:21. Diego Binatena (SKLZ-Swamis Development Elite Team) came 2nd at 18 seconds back, Andrews Biscardi (VuMedi Elite Cycling Team) was 3rd at 43 seconds. Of the eighty-six Cat 2's in the race, only six stand within a minute of the leader. Does that mean the field of contenders has been severely limited? Heck no, the stage two road race has a way of turning things upside down.

As for the Women, last year's second place finisher, Amber Neben (FCS/Zngine p/b Mr. Restore) grabbed the honors today with a time of 17:20. Tayler Wiles came 2nd at six seconds, and Karol Ann Canuel had the third fastest time at 17 seconds more than Neben.

Among the Juniors 17-18, David Lombardo (Hincapie Development Team) and Eric Oien (Monster Media Junior Development Team) both finished with the same time - 16:46. Sath Veenbaas (Monster Media) finished 3rd at thirty-seven seconds. The Junior 15-16 race was won by Christopher Blevins (Team Specialized) in a time of 16:13. In 2nd is Daniel Willett (Monster Media Junior Development Team) at eleven seconds, while Matteo Jorgenson came 3rd at eighteen seconds.

James Oram (Bissell Development Team) set the best time in the Pro/1 race with a time of 14:46. That was one second faster than Gregory Brenes (Jamis Hagens Berman), and ten seconds faster than William Barta (Boise Young Rider Development Squad). Nineteen riders are within a minute of the leader. 

Beside the Cat 2's, and even though I had some work to attend in the morning, the Flickr set also contains a few photos from the Women, the Masters 55+, Juniors 15-16 and 17-18, and a few of the Pro/1 competitors. There are a select one hundred five in this set and, as usual considerably more if you don't see what you are looking for.

There are going to be a good couple days of competition still to come this weekend.