2013 Seasons in the Sun: Reminder 1.1

Copies are still for sale, in person, at the races, through the mail. This weekend is the San Dimas Stage Race, and I expect to be there all three days, taking photos, searching for stories. I will have a few books with me on Saturday, but no set up. Sunday I should have the whole display - table, little flags, to try and attract your attention, sign, flags, whatever. The wife actually does the selling, as I roam the course, but I do stop by regularly just in case anyone wants to talk. The inaugural year yearbook, still only $15.00. Hope to see you there and then.


  1. I tried to find your book display at Glendora Mtn Rd Friday and at today's much delayed road race but to no avail. I'll look again tomorrow in downtown San Dimas at the criterium. Gino

    1. Oh damn, sorry Gino. You would have needed to pick me out of the crowd I am afraid, both days. I had some books with me, but no display, since I was roaming the course. I am hoping my wife will go along tomorrow so I can have a table set up - probably near registration/staging. Hope to see you.


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