Upcoming: Liv / Giant Women's Bike Maintenance & Fit Clinic

Though there is one person in particular who would benefit from this, most of the other women riders I know have a rough (or better) knowledge of bike mechanics. Righty tighty - lefty loosy, chains need lube, and tires need air. Even if you have gone through a class before, or have done some wrenching on your own, it is often good to reload with a little refresher now and then - the old "use it or loose it" maxim holds true. If nothing else you get to hang out and swap tales of the road and trail for an evening. Besides, I have heard, though have no actual experience since the target audience does not include my half of the gender divide, that Corey hosts a fun and informative gathering. RSVP at the Facebook event page, or email to info@coatescyclery.com