Stuff Someone Said (and Did): Bram Tankink

Few people in the pro peloton have been as reviled over the past few decades as Riccardo Ricco, certainly few have rightfully deserved the collective ire of those who race the worlds roadways as the Italian. His multiple suspensions for performance enhancing drug use and blood boosting have endeared him to no one. During the 2008 Tour de France, the question was put to Bram Tankink - what would you say to Riccardo Ricco concerning his positive test for Cera, a banned substance? Tankink responded, 

"well, I would punch him in his mouth. I actually hit him during the descent yesterday, so I'm happy about that, because he's just an asshole."

I can't say I remember hearing of this incident at the time it happened, but a recent post by Cycling Inquisition's Klaus, put together at Manual for Speed, brought it to my attention. Stuff someone said - stuff someone did.