Monday Blues: LaVonne Koester

By now everyone has heard the news the death of LaVonne Koester during the Tour de Palm Springs just the Saturday past. If you are local and rode with one or another of the Inland groups, hers was probably more than just a familiar face to you. If you are reading this from a little further afield you may not know that counted amongst LaVonne's passions, just a step below family and friends, was the Tour de Cure, the Diabetes Foundation, the race to find a cure for that disease. On Thursday 20 February Dale Bros Brewery will be hosting a fundraiser from 6 to 9 pm to raise funds in her name. Many riders from the Psycho-lists and the Cycling Connection had already planned to ride the Tour as part of her team, now they will be doing so in her memory. I would encourage anyone who is able to stop by Dale Bros that night to help out. You can "join" and keep up-to-date at this Facebook event page.