La Vonne's Memorial Fundraiser for Diabetes

Technically it was a fundraiser, not a wake, but it could easily have been mistaken for the latter. The booze (beer), music, food, the craic, and massive amounts of people spending a grand evening all in the memory of LaVonne Koester gave it all the appearance of a good old Irish sending off. Dale Bros Brewery was absolutely packed with LaVonne's fellow riders from the Cycling Connection, and the Psycho-lists. People came from the wider cycling community as well - the local shops were well represented, Full Circle Cycling's Patrick (whom I finally formally met), Jason of, numerous members of the Claremont Senior Bicycle Group. I saw Richard, Trish, Sean, Brenda, Erik, Erik, yes two Eriks, Brad, Robs, Jenn, Jim, Lark, Dick, Guy, Jeanne, Mark, Abraham, Christina, Zack, Ana, Greg, Alex, Don, Greg, and a good one hundred fifty to two hundred more as well.

The raffle was fantastic, even if I did walk away empty-handed; a shout out to the local shops who contributed to its success - Coates, Incycle, Empire Bikes, Jax - and all the other businesses and individuals who donated items for the fun. The trove included two new bikes, including a sweet single-speed that brought out quite a whoop and howl when the winning ticket was called. I noticed at least one person attempting to sneak away with that one when the lucky winner wasn't looking.

Community. If you have read here for a while you may have noticed the word pop up with some frequency. This evening was about community coming together. It was all the ideals tied up in that word manifest for a few hours. It was a group of people coming together to share the joy and exhilaration, and yes, the pain of life. It was a group of people coming together in remembrance, coming together in support, coming together to carry on one persons dedication to help rid the world of a debilitating disease - diabetes. While we all may have come together to remember LaVonne, I think it is safe to say she would have been overjoyed at all the support given to the American Diabetes Association and the Tour de Cure. Slainte.

guardians of the keg?


a flurry of activity at the raffle ticket tables

three of the most dedicated ambassadors of cycling,
and community, you will ever meet

meanwhile out on the patio, catching up

laughter and good times

rising above the crowd

whoooo yaaaah!


  1. An incredible event to say the least. Absolutely EPIC.......


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