Who Ya Gonna Call?

I know there is a number you can call to report potholes in the roadway, but who do you call when the pothole is in the middle of a favorite dirt way? The mud holes have all dried up from lack of rain. What's left is a HARD packed dirt, all cracked and fissured. I don't know how, but chunks have been beaten loose leaving these gaping holes. Reminds me of a pan of brownies left in the oven too long, the moisture all cooked out. You know the edges are going to be dry and burnt, but you hold out hope that somewhere in the middle will still be soft. And so you dig out a chunk here, a chunk there.

Once the brownie is gone, it is gone. The pothole could be filled in, but would you want it to be? As it is, that gap does give you an opportunity to practice your bunny hopping.