Just Five Dam Photos, For Now

Just a quick post today before I head off to Dana Point for the launch party of an exciting new women's junior and U23 team - JETCycling. I will have more on that tomorrow. For now, though, a few photos from the New Years Day ride, with the family, in the dirt behind Santa Fe Dam.

Empire relatively recently expanded from their original shop in Chino Hills into a second shop in Monrovia. Not too far from the San Gabriel River Trail, they decided the path would be a good place for a little advertising. The Cycling Boss is a pretty cool sign but, as you can see, I am not sure how much longer it will be there.

wide open - near the spot where a little dirt track where some low jumps used to exist. Apparently the County did not like it, and pretty much wiped it out.

the less-well-known back Black Gate into Mordor

angles and geometric patterns

peaceful and serene on the water, in contrast to the low-rider show taking place along the lake shore