2014 Ride in Peace Memorial

I always hope we can get more than a week into the new year before our Southern California cycling community suffers its first loss of life. With no excuse 2014 has joined a painfully long list of years to fail in this regard. I have often said that our community of cyclists is unique for its shared experiences; it does not matter if one rides twenty miles in a week, or two hundred. It does not matter if one rides purely for recreation, for everyday transportation, for personal health, or to make a difference in the world. Age, gender, race and ethnicity, are all irrelevant. Our experiences on the bike, on the trails, paths, and roadways link us in innumerable ways. Our similarities far outweigh our differences. Recognizing the lives of our fellow riders, those who's lives were cut short while engaged in the simple act of riding a bicycle, from what ever cause is my simple way of showing this connection, of affirming our fellowship and bond. The Ride in Peace Memorial is as simple as that - recognizing the lives of these people, the loss suffered by family and friends, the connection to ourselves. I extend my condolences to all family and friends of the people listed during 2014.

unidentified, 30 December, Rialto
Vinh Tran, 29 December from injuries of 27 December, Fountain Valley
William Francis Easley, 29 December, San Bernardino
Israel Cerda Contreras, 27 December, Riverside
Cesar Labastida, 30 November from injuries of 15 November, Laguna Woods
unidentified, 27 November, Venice
Ai-Nei Zhou, 16 November, Monterey Park
unidentified, 15 November, Santa Ana
Julian Rodriguez, 12 November, Yucaipa
unidentified, 4 November, North Hollywood
Daniella Palacios, 1 November, Anaheim
Ron Williams, 30 October, Riverside
unidentified, 27 October, Los Angeles
Shaun Eagleson, 19 October, Newport Beach
Julio Fuentes Mendoza, 17 October, Montebello
Pete Young, 13 October, Agoura Hills
Karla A. Thiel, 11 October, Pearblossom
Edmund Nicholas Davis, 7 October, San Diego
Philip White, 21 September, Oceanside
unidentified, 9 September, Lawndale
William Rowland, 5 September, Huntington Beach
unidentified, 5 September, Chula Vista
Michael Bastien, 1 September, Huntington Beach
Edgardo Gabat, 21 August, Eagle Rock
Jose Alonzo Jimenez, 14 August, Santa Fe Springs
Arnold Covarrubias, 14 August, Hesperia
D'Andre Sutherland, 12 August, Riverside (hit and run, 10 August)
unidentified, 11 August, Vista
Matthew O'Neil, 9 August, Santa Maria
Jarone Bartee, 4 August, Los Angeles
unidentified, 1 August, Orange
Matthew Carp, 23 July, Menifee
Luis Raymundo Espinoza Moreno, 19 July, Pomona
unidentified, 17 July, Canoga Park
Rafael Correa, 5 July, Fullerton
Mario Steven Cruz, 4 July, Big Bear
Sam Siroky, 3 July (collision on 2 July), Canyon Lake
Tewon Woods, 2 July, San Bernardino
Manuel Vera Ortega, 1 July, Chino
unidentified, 28 June, Los Angeles
John Greg Colvin, 18 June, Laguna Beach (hit and run)
Carlos Vazquez, 14 June, [Claremont]
Oscar Toledo Jr., 11 June, Los Angeles (hit and run)
Juan Perez Alarcon, 28 May, Ramona
Mariano Carasaquit Libron, 26 May, Long Beach
unidentified, 14 May, Riverside
Jose Ricardo Marin, 12 May, Oxnard
Haitham Gamal, 29 April, Dana Point
Conrad Pasco, 25 April, Canyon Lake
Troy Davids, 25 April, Eastvale (hit and run)
Adrien Chavez Jr., 18 April, Los Angeles
Kathy Sieberhein, 16 April, Huntington Beach
Terrance Owen Brooks, [12 April], South Bay area
unidentified, 10 April, San Marcos
Genevieve Ann Hall, 6 April, Huntington Beach
Larry Dale Taylor, 6 April, Coachella
Sid Tyler, 29 March, Pasadena
Sean Severson, 20 March, Fountain Valley
unidentified 20 March, Twenty-nine Palms
Melik Khanamiryan, 9 March, Glendale
Rosibel Montoya, 8 March, Norwalk
Giovanni Xavier Chaidez, 8 March, Norwalk
Arturo Alfredo Ornelas, 7 March, Whittier
David Voight, 3 March, Chula Vista
Andres Marin, 2 March, Cleveland National Forest
unidentifed, 23 February, Los Angeles (hit and run)
Brennen Faith, 21 February, Murrieta
Alfonso Franco, 20 February, Santa Ana
Matthew Liechty, 19 February, Huntington Beach
unidentified, 19 February, San Bernardino
Josh 'Monster' Michael, 16 February, Los Angeles
La Vonne Koester, 8 February, Thermal
Jerry Arrredondo, 4 February, Watts
Joseph Robinson, 2 February, Orange
Gerald Garcia, 26 January, Oxnard
Steven Slater, 23 January, Pomona
Francisco Alvarez, 22 January, Glendora
Leslie West, 16 January, Lancaster
unidentified, 14 January, Compton
Emmitt Palmer, 13 January, San Bernardino
unidentified, 12 January, Palm Desert
Phil Richards, 11 January, Calimesa (from injuries sustained in December 29 hit and run)
unidentified, 11 January, Los Angeles
Reuben Guzman, 9 January, Desert Hot Springs (hit and run)
Dale Hummels, 9 January, Santa Fe Springs
David Mendez, 5 January, Riverside


  1. :( so sad to read about these names, feel for their family and loved ones and they are always remembered with love and respect. -M.

  2. So sad. I have been intimidated into stopping riding my trike or recumbent bike on the streets around Claremont. I have flashing lights and a large flag, and they still run stop signs and turn in front of me. I live on Mountain Avenue and the cars pass my home at 50 MPH with kids coming home from school. If they don't care about kids, they sure don't care about me on a bike.

  3. Dios nuestro, permite que los automovilistas habran mas los ojos, para que puedan vernos, ya que es fatal que nos ignoren y terminemos encabezando LA lista de biciclistas muertos, por
    Su inprudencia, nosotros tambien compartimos las carreteras igual que Ellis, prudencia automovilistas por favor.

    I love you so much brother
    Moms been crying a lot )":

  5. I love you Terrance and always will. I am grateful that you died doing your heart's passion...


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