Sponsorship Opportunity: Seasons in the Sun

As the idea for my book of photographs and essays of the 2013 Southern California racing season evolved, I began to realize that it would be a small run, a limited edition, if you will. Cost would prohibit anything greater.

But I also realized that if I could find a funding source, I could bring the price down and make the book more widely available. A Kickstarter campaign was one suggestion, and is likely to be the path that I take for the 2014 edition (yes, I do hope to make this an annual keepsake publication). Yet, at this time of year there are so many pledge drives, and pleas for assistance, from so many more worthy social and humanitarian causes, that I thought maybe there was a better way this time.

A local friend and idea man (seriously, his head is bursting with ideas), suggested I might try the sponsorship route. So, that is the idea I am going to ride with.

What I will do (assuming there are any takers) is add a sponsorship page, or pages, to the book - the kind of thing you see all the time in annuals - lists of contributors, business card-sized (and larger) ads of businesses. That sort of thing.

For under $1,000 dollars I can do a limited edition run of 25 books and bring the price down into the affordable range. For a business card-sized ad, I am asking a $100 contribution; $200 will get a 1/3 page-sized ad. For each $100 dollar sponsorship up to $1000.00, I will gladly provide a copy of the book. This fundraising effort may seem to be directed toward businesses, but individuals who wish to help out will receive the same. While any amount of sponsorship will be much appreciated, I need to make that minimum $1000 to be able to bring the price down.

So, if you are in the bicycle industry, operate a local shop, run a business that in some way caters to bicyclists, if you sponsor a regional team or club, or simply want to help out with this project , lets talk. Click on my name or photo (upper right) for contact info.

Incidentally, the book is far enough along, that I can provide a little more information. While essays still are to be added, photos are selected and mostly set in stone. The book is a 7" x 7" keepsake square, hard cover with dust jacket, thirty-eight pages, though essays and sponsor page(s) may bring that number up, and contains just over 100 photos.

Hoping to pique your interest, I previously showed you an "in progress" view of the dust jacket, and while I don't want to give too much away, I can give another computer screen "in progress" glimpse of two additional pages:

Any questions about sponsorship, or the book in general, just send them my way.