Hurry on Over, PVBC at Dale Bros Brewery

That is unless you are reading this after 10:00 pm Saturday, local time. If you are quick, you may still have time to join in at the Hoppy Holidays party. A bunch of fun people are there, raffle prizes, live bands, carnitas and beef tacos and tamales, the brews that made Dale Bros famous, as well as seasonal flavors. The Winter Haze and Bl 'oak (a black beer aged in whiskey barrels) deserve a taste, or more. You just need to head over before it is too late. Whatever you contribute goes to help the mission of the Pomona Valley Bicycle Coalition. Slainte.

welcome, through the archway

sorry Daniella, you win the red eye flash award tonight
(actually, I guess you can't see it at this size)

band in the brewery

raffle table

Cory of Coates

more arrivals

tasting room full, the patio fills up

Dale Bros