Five Photos from a Bonelli Ramble

I've been a little more occupied with the book lately, so not a lot of time to devote to words for the blog; so mostly just photos here. It was strangely quiet this particular day at Bonelli. Even though there were four other riders on mountain bikes heading out from the same parking lot, at the same time, I passed not a single person while I rode the trails.

most people are unwilling to walk to the head of this little inlet, but there are typically a few who do and can be seen fishing from the shore. not today

old fence line rambling across a hillside

I had never been on this particular trail until this ride. Wrapping around a little hollow in which a small grove of cedars (and one pine) are growing, this part of it is really nice. If not so out of the way, I would have expected to see a picnic table in the shade under the trees

cactus pads and knobby tires