Cycling Claremont: The Kube

The Kube, designed by architect Rafael Vinoly, is a part of the recently completed Kravis Center at Claremont McKenna College. This glass "living room" seems to float upon a thin sheet of water and Mesabi black granite paving. The Kube, in true Modernist style, is one of those structures integrating interior with exterior. From the CMC website: "Earning the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED Gold Certification, the Center includes notable sustainable features such as radiant panel chill beams for heating and cooling, naturally lit internal space, and "green roof" decks, all that take advantage of its Southern California climate.

And yes I know the question has been burning a hole in your head, it has been wearing as quickly as that tread on your rear tire from all the skids you have been doing lately. Since the black granite is flush with the surrounding concrete, you can indeed ride on water. Sometimes I think it would make an interesting sociological experiment - sit nearby on a warm day and make a study of how many people cut a corner in their flip-flops, kick up a spray from their wheels. How many are bold enough to go all the way - from one side to the other. While I doubt that such things are encouraged, if you are going to design something like this, you surely must do so with the knowledge that people are going to play?

No cars though; get on your bike to see it, or hoof it on over to the Colleges.