A Morning Building Bikes

How long does it take to build thirty bikes? Not that long when you have nine manned work stands continuously in use. Nine, or more, laborers working at assembly and another several getting bikes ready to be assembled. It doesn't hurt that these bikes came partly built to begin with - attaching handlebars, front wheels, and pedals, then making adjustments to brakes and saddles, adding air, and they were ready to roll. Beside the Rotary members, there were others from the Claremont Senior Bicycle Group as well. It was cool to walk up the driveway with stand over my shoulder, tool box in hand and hear, "hey Mr. Wagner", and look up to see a high school friend of my son already hard at work.

This is the fifteenth year that the Claremont Rotary Club has undertaken the Bikes for Kids project. Funds are donated by Rotary members for the bikes which are purchased through the assistance of Coates Cyclery. Meanwhile teachers at the local schools submit the names of students whose families may be suffering from hardship conditions and would benefit the most from these gifts. A week from today the families will gather at a local restaurant, Casa de Salsa, for brunch, and the bikes will be handed out along with locks and helmets. Each bike will be sized for the kid who receives it, any final adjustments will be made, there will be a safety talk, and they will be on their way. Another thirty kids with a new sense of pride and all the benefits that come from owning and riding a bike. Cheers to all who donated their morning.