Red Dots and Checkered Caps

If you know me at all, you know that I am a big fan of the iconic cycling cap. It is a rare moment when I don't have one perched atop by noggin - on, or off, the bike. You might also know that I am a fan of the unique caps (and other merchandise) produced by Red Dots Cycling. The cold weather caps, in particular, never fail to pique my interest this time of year. When I saw the most recent post by Red Dot's very own Richard, featuring a red checked "hunting" cap, and that all Red Dot's products were free of shipping fees through the end of Saturday, 30 November, I knew it was time to spread the word. You know, just in case, someone I know needs a gift idea. Hint, hint,  wink, wink.

Chapeau! Richard. Keep of the good work.