Cycling Claremont: The Petterson Museum

The full name of this cultural institution located at Claremont's Pilgrim Place is the Petterson Museum of Intercultural Art, and as such their collections and exhibits highlight cultural objects such as basketry, ceramics, clothing, textiles, decorative arts, prints, and ethnic and tribal arts. Like other cultural museums, exhibits at the Petterson allow visitors to not only enjoy the rich artistic heritage and legacy of a variety of cultures, but to also consider differences and similarities amongst them, and our own. The museum provides an opportunity to explore why cultural differences exist, and helps to foster awareness and understanding of the diversity of the worlds cultures and their belief systems.

The museum is open free to the public Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 2:00 to 4:00. Docents are available for special group tours on those days, or during other days through special arrangement with the museum. For more information on the museum and current exhibitions, check the website here.

The Cycling Claremont series of posts highlight some of the local businesses I have been known to frequent because I like what they offer, because they are bicycle friendly, or because they provide something unique or interesting, and which visitors to Claremont may also like.