Two Good Reasons to Head Over to Coates

From the moment of my first blog post, 2 February 2010 I have tried to keep things from becoming too commercial. This has been especially true when it came to advertising "special sale events" at the local bike shops. Yes, the Upcoming Events page often lists rides that are in essence "for profit", the rare product review, C & V features of bikes I see at the Velo, even many of the Cycling Claremont posts, all potentially bring money to someone else. Where I draw the line has always been a bit blurred, so why even bother drawing it at all? I mean, when I post up those things, my intention has always been that in doing so I am simply sharing information that other people might find useful and beneficial.

So, keeping that in mind, you might find the upcoming "Ride Giant Demo Tour" at Coates Cyclery to be of interest. While you are there check out the Genuine Innovations flat repair kit; I had stopped by to pick up a new inflator, but then noticed that for the same price I could get an inflator, (2) Co2 cartridges, (2) tire levers, and some glue-less patches (sorry, leather possibles pouch / saddle bag not included). Check it out quick though, I imagine they will go pretty fast.