Monday Blues: Team Argentina for the Upcoming LA Half-Six

team Argentina, Walter Perez and Seba Donadio - besides his National Championship wins, Donadio is also a musician and will be performing between laps

When I first read about this event, some months ago, I was hesitant to mention anything about it. I was just unsure it would ever come about. But then more news started leaking out at an ever quicker pace. We are now only a few days away from the opening race, and tickets have been for sale, schedules released, riders and teams announced.

These days, the closest most of us have ever come to experiencing Six-Day racing is by reading about them from historical accounts, or traveling to Europe where they have retained their popularity. The epic and raw spectacle of the Six-Day races of yesteryear, and those that have transcended time to this day, hold a deserved place in the legends and lore of the sport. Packed arenas, food, beer, music, fast-paced racing action all combine to create an indelible image.

If you have missed the news elsewhere, the excitement of these races is returning to Los Angeles this weekend (October 11-13) at the Velo Sports Center, Friday to Sunday, half a traditional Six-Day event, thus a Half-Six. Listed among the starters are:

Bobby Lea and Jackie Simes, US National Madison Champions
Veteran German Six-Day racers Christian Grasmann and Leif Lampater
USACrits Champion Hilton Clark and Hungarian National Champion Adrian Hegyvary
World and Olympic Champion Walter Perez and National Champion Seba Donadio as Team Argentina
2-time National Champion Ian Moir and Zachary Kovalcik
Daniel Holloway and Guy East as Team California
National Champions Colby Pearce and Jake Duehring as Team Orange County
Franco 'Marelous' Marvulli and Marcel Barth as Euro Team, both of whom have multiple National and World Championship crowns
Shane Kline and Clay Murfet
Barry Miller and Julian Beccaglia as Team Mexico
Eric Workowski and Andrew Crater as Team Las Vegas
Varun Maharaj and Emile Abraham as Team Trinidad & Tobago
Multi-time National Champions Mike Friedman and Ken Hanson as Team San Diego
Andreas Graf and Jesper Morkov as Team Austria/Denmark
Martin Vecchio and Iggy Silva as Team Detroit

Numerous championship-calibre riders will be competing in individual events as well including Tela Crane, this year's National Champion in the Keirin, Sprint, and Madison races.

Races on all three days begin at 6:15pm and end at 11:00pm. See the Hollywood Championship Cycling Facebook page for all the latest information. Jump on it now -one night, or all three. It should be good.