Cycling Claremont: Bike Rack Surprise, CHWP Version

I was finishing up a ride through Marshall Canyon and along the Evey-Palmer to Potato Mountain not long ago when, coming back down through the Claremont Hills Wilderness Park I noticed the new bike racks at the entrance. I don't ride up there as frequently as I once did so I am not sure how long they have been in place, but it is great to see them being used.  Yes, there was only one bike there at the time. But, if you look closely you will notice an additional four u-locks secured to the ovals. Those four locks represent four people who ride to the park frequently enough that they don't want to carry a lock with them each trip. That is some good news. New parking lot not-withstanding, valid reasons to drive in order to walk become fewer all the time. Get on your bikes and ride.