2013 Sunday Krosstoberfest

Is it just me or does Sunday of a two-day race weekend seem a lot more sedate, quiet, mellow or, dare I say it, less exciting. I am not sure what the reason is, maybe it is a combination of many, maybe it is all in my head, a matter of perspective. There certainly were not as many people around for the Sunday races, and those who were seemed to pack up earlier for departure. One by one team tents came down as the day ground on, spare bikes and wheels left the pit area, sponsors and exhibitors closed shop, the list of posted results grew longer yet there were fewer people crowded around them. Most telling of all, the price of a Pomona Queen beer via the Pomona Valley Bicycle Coalition (PVBC) made a steady drop - $5 on Saturday, to $3 Sunday late morning, to $2 in the early afternoon, and rumors of $1 still to come later. But ... wait, that should have been reason to stick around longer. Hmmm.

Mobbin' Monday kept things interesting Sunday afternoon, waving some old corpses severed head around as the racers passed by, and encouraging them to get some air at this little bump

Anyway, and regardless of the numbers gathering dust around the course, the action on the course continued unabated. There was no let-up in the drive for top placings - in fact the one serious crash (I mentioned in yesterday's post) actually happened today, those racing were covered in just as much sweat-stuck grit and grime. From the sideline it was … just … less exciting. If not for the Mobbin' Monday crew taking up the banner, and duties, of race hecklers, I might have mistaken the place for a somewhat dirtier Sunday industrial park criterium - you know, quiet until the finish.

Well, there are still some great races to come this year, at tighter, more intimate settings. Maybe that is what is wrong with the Fairplex, it is too big, too spread out; the curious, who might already be there for whatever reason, don't just wander over to see what the hubbub is all about. Like those road crits, the place is too isolated. But that is a whole other topic, and this is not the post I promised to write about the un-Fairplex.

As for today's Elite races, the Gritters brothers once again proved best, and in the same order, Brandon 1st and Kyle 2nd. On this second day of racing Brennan Wodtli (Speedvagan) grabbed the 3rd spot. On the women's side it was Laura Winberry (Speedvagen) taking top honors ahead of Emily Kachorek (Gheto.cx) and Amanda Nauman (SDG/Felt).

A section of 82 photos from Sunday's Krosstoberfest are in this flickr set.

the trains kept a rolling through the sand all day long

Danger hauling an extra ride before the start of the ss race

a tricky turn in the dirt. with an inside and outside line here,
many riders took the chance and opportunity to make a pass

a buffed up Spidey made an appearance during the Sunday festivities

on the job. as soon as the Speedvagen racers finished their respective races their rigs were given a good clean and shine. there might be something to be learned from that