Upcoming: 2013 MSM Ride in Search of Autumn

Well, it is that time of year. Time for this years Ride in Search of Autumn. I appear to have found a gap between bow hunting and regular gun hunting seasons up up in the San Gabriel's, so the ride is taking place considerably earlier than the last edition. Earlier may mean that Autumn will be more difficult to find, but we will give it a try. As with the past few years the ride will start at Manker Flat, follow the service road up to Baldy Notch, head down to Stockton Flat, relax a bit and then head back. If anyone is up to it (heck if anyone shows) we can stop back in Baldy Village at Mt. Baldy Lodge for post ride grub.

Nothing organized about it, just show up and ride. Be responsible for your rig and yourself, though no one will be left on their own. It is a short ride, distance-wise (under 15 miles), but do expect to climb some. Don't forget you do need an Adventure Pass to park where the ride starts.

In case you have forgotten, here is the link to last years report, and one from the year before.

Update: Just in case anyone was planning on this, due to the Red Flag Warning forecast for the mountains, and the fact that my motor vehicle is laid up, I am canceling this. Maybe I will make it up there at a later date, and post up a report, but for now - nyet!