NICA at Claremont High School?

Once again, I seem to have found this idea lodged in my mind. A couple years ago the idea of forming a Claremont High School mountain bike team to compete in the SoCal High School Cycling League took hold. Though there was some interest expressed here and there, I was unable to follow up on the plan with any action. I have long believed that Claremont is an ideal location for a team, we have a large and active cycling community, areas for training (Bonelli Park, Marshall Canyon, Claremont Hills Wilderness Park) are superb, there exists a well-defined local base for sponsorship and support. I understand that one of Claremont High's primary athletic rivals, Damien HS, has formed a team and will be ready to compete during the 2014 season (Spring). Now may be an opportune time for Claremont to join in.

High School mountain biking has become among the fastest growing of interscholastic sports. What started with a single league (Northern California) in 2001, took off in 2008 when the Southern California league got its start. In just the five years since that time additional leagues have begun in Colorado, Texas, Minnesota, Utah, New York, Tennessee, Arizona and, most recently, Georgia. The goal of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association is to be coast to coast by the year 2020. Within the Southern California League there are 35 established teams, some of these are single school teams, others are composites; another 15 teams are set to join as first-year programs for the Spring 2014 season.

If you are a parent of a student, a high school staff or faculty member, a school alumnus who has some interest in this opportunity let me know; if you are a student who would like to see a Claremont team, let a parent or a favorite teacher know. Contact me either via a comment, or email. I am willing to take a lead at this time, but will need assistance. The process needs to get going quickly, as deadlines for the upcoming Spring season of racing are fast approaching. If you have questions about the League, how teams are formed, coaching requirements, or anything related, let me know. You can also check out the National Interscholastic Cycling Association, or the SoCal High School Cycling League websites, for more information. If you want any additional inspiration check the video teaser for Single Track High.