Interbike 2013: Two for the Boards...

As much as we expected finishes to be fast when he raced, I think we equally expect bikes bearing the name of Mario Cipollini to be equally speedy. While his road bikes are, I am sure, worthy namesakes, it is his track bikes which capture the essence and image the best. The Italian makers, more than any other nationality, like to play upon their nations heritage, the long tradition within the sport. You sometimes see it in the details, you always see it in the styling. The Cipollini Speed with its Italian tricolor finish, overlaid with Chipollini's characteristic tiger stripes say all that; if a bike could go fast simply due to its functional design and its aesthetic styling, this would fly on its own.

The second bike of note was the BMC Track Machine TR02. If I did any of the Mobbin' Monday or Wolfpack Hustle rides, I would want to do them on this. Interesting build using bars more typically seen on a frame with a road bike orientation; almost makes me think they were directing this straight at the fixed-gear / urban racing crowd, rather than the pure trackies (an indeed if you look at the BMC website, that is exactly what they were intending). I like the brushed satin finish to the aluminum frame, but is anyone else bothered by carbon blemishes as much as I am? That seam below the "BMC" on the fork, as well as the rubbing blemish further down, looks disturbing to my eyes. 

As with all these reviews from Interbike 2013, I have not received any prior compensation, nor promise of later compensation, from the above mentioned company, nor am I connected to them in any way. Views expressed are the result of my observations and subsequent research only.