Interbike 2013: Best of Show, Volagi Viaje Ti...

This year, I am giving my "Best of Show" award to Volagi for their Viaje Ti. 

If you remember I was quite impressed with what I saw of Volagi at the 2012 show. Their two models, the Liscio and the Viaje, are geared toward the endurance rider and adventure cyclist respectively. The Viaje previously existed as a steel framed bike, and will be released next year (2014) as the titanium frame prototype shown here. The Long Bow Flex Stay, which marks Volagi as distinct, already emphasizes comfort; the characteristics of titanium will enhance this even more. The Ti frame is combined with a carbon fork for maximum compliance under rough conditions. Disc brakes are standard on Volagi bikes, and the Viaje Ti will accommodate either mechanical or hydraulic actuated systems. Rack and fender braze-ons have been integrated into the stays allowing you to pack for a weekend, or longer, on the road away from home. Clearance for tires up to 42mm (32mm with fenders) allow for more rugged knobbies, so those multi-day adventures can carry you onto dirt, or gravel, when the paved road ends. The motto printed on the non-drive side stay captures the intent of the Viaje Ti - "The Will To Go" will get you started, this bike will provide the means.

As with all these reviews from Interbike 2013, I have not received any prior compensation, nor promise of later compensation, from the above mentioned company, nor am I connected to them in any way. Views expressed are the result of my observations and subsequent research only.