Funding: Cheetah, the Nelson Vails Story...

Who was one of the best-known of America's bicycle track racing athletes of the last century? The same man who competed around the world in kierin races and on the Six-Day circuit, who is a multi-time National Champion, a Pan-American Games Gold Medalist, Olympic Games Silver Medalist (1984), the first African-Amerian to medal in an Olympic Cycling event, and was inducted into the US Bicycling Hall of Fame in 2009. Nelson Vails is that man. I dare say he has inspired countless inner city youth, and others, during and following the course of his racing career. His path to the top of the sport would make a compelling story on many different levels, and with funding support Chetaah, the Nelson Vails Story will become reality. You can help by contributing at Indigogo.

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