Slow Sunday Scenes from the Village...

It is true, I could have been doing something more constructive with my time this morning. I was awake and shuffling around downstairs, trying to avoid the little splotches of cat barf left by our very own barfzilla (I have no idea why that animal keeps eating plastic) with plenty of time to make the Coates ride. Even had enough time for a quick breakfast before heading out to Highland Park for the Milly's. In other words I could have done some respectable riding. I could even have driven to the South Bay to take photos of other people doing some respectable riding in what is the longest-running race in the Southland, the Manhattan Beach Grand Prix. Instead, each of those could have's disappeared in a poof of smoke, and what presented itself instead, was a Slow Sunday in the Village:

classic Honda which, i think, that guy could have lifted over his head

meanwhile in other news a young girl, still wearing her prison stripes, was aided in a daring farmers' market break by her father. they were last seen riding east on Second Street toward freedom

the leg booth at the weekly farmers' market is always popular. the free samples of various sweet, seasonal fruits are pretty darn good too

this just in: a young Superman, not trusting to the skill of local drivers,
accepted the hand of his mother as they carefully made their way across the street

there were a few blooms of blue hibiscus to be seen around the Village

this is what happens when you forget to switch from manual to autofocus

 fresh and flirty artichoke at Pizza n' Such

just because you choose to be physically mobile,
does not mean you can't do it in a somewhat more elegant manner

banjo pickin', blue's harp whistlin', and foot stompin' down on the corner

Corey stopping for a chat

i like that jersey - be your own