More Predictable than a Duck in a Hat...

I don't know what prompted this fine-feathered friend with sombrero to chose this perch at the Claremont Colleges, but he has been up there watching over the passers-by for, at the least, a few weeks now. Unless I am mistaken, that high column is a vent to some underground laboratory, or maybe just a simple facility plant. Whatever the case I could understand the location during the winter, but in the summer he must cook on the inside while the sun crisps him from without.

Is there anyone who did not see this coming? If you have been following the saga of the Claremont Hills Wilderness Park, particularly with regard to the parking situation, you will know that soon after the new parking lot opened people began looking for ways to circumvent (avoid) paying the user fee, by parking along this stretch of upper Mills (in the bike lane). Here you see the response - new no parking signs. It was just a matter of time.