Sunday Options: Milly's Riders p/b Squadra Folgore...

get out of the road

Thank goodness I wasn't the only one to show up at the meeting grounds in Highland Park; I was beginning to think of myself as a little bit looney for even thinking of riding in the heat, and to be the only one there would have confirmed it. Thank goodness Tom was one of the others to show up, and most importantly, show up with my kit. Thank goodness Enrique was there with some extra caps. Thank goodness that those two, and each of the others, agreed to my suggestion of a shorter route - Los Angeles River Bikeway to Griffith Park, climb of Trash Truck Hill, and back. Thank goodness I was having a good climbing day, reached the summit without any undue stress, and enjoyed the shade and slight breeze while waiting. 

(I'll be damned, the Monkees are on tv right now racing the Monkeemoble up the very same road. Huh, talk about coincidences). Sorry about that, I was just surprised to look up from the computer and see the very same road - Trash Truck Hill - I was just riding along.

kayaking the river

i have always liked this climb. no cars - how could you not?

view across Burbank

Now where was I? Oh yes. There are certain advantages to charging these climbs as if it were a race. The greater the gap, the more time you have to recover at the top. I didn't really believe we would be the only ones out today, but I didn't expect there would be as many others climbing the hill as there turned out to be. It is always good to have people to chase down and pass - that's were all those other people come in handy. Ha.

this way Enrique, this way

must every Folgore ride come with a flat?

Lets get back to some more thanks: Thank goodness there is water in the LA River - all those kayakers looked like they were having a good time, and just the sight of all those ducks floating in the cool water, made the 104º my computer said it was, seem a bit cooler. Thank goodness bee stings are only bothersome for a short period of time. Yes, I picked up my first of the season during a 7-Eleven refueling stop. Little bugger got me on my left side back - I scratched and scratched and just couldn't locate him; when I got home, took my jersey off and turned around, there was the fuzzy little carcass on the floor. Whether attracted to the yellow of my jersey, or the salt in my sweat, they were buzzing me whenever I stopped today. Mind you, I am not complaining, the heat, the sting, they were just little twists in the day to keep things interesting.