2013 Masters SCNCA Criterium Championships...

State criterium champions jerseys along with bronze, silver and gold medals were contested among the Masters classes in Ontario today. While some familiar names filled up the podium steps, the biggest winner of the day may have been Craig Miller (BBI-SIC Cycling) who rode away with gold in both the 50+ and 45+ categories. The fact that I wasn't in that 50+ race may have made his victory there a little bit easier, but it was still a good win. Ha. Ha. Har. Speaking of the 50+ race, it had one big field - 97 racers, making it the largest of all the Masters races. Opposite that were the women's 45+ and 35+ races, which were only composed of six racers each; what happens to all the lady racers as they get (ahem) older? Don't tell me they take up knitting and crochet instead. Anyway, it didn't seem to matter to the twelve who battled it out; they were putting in the effort no matter the numbers.

At the finish Julie Cutts (Michelob Ultra - La Grange) winner of the 45+ race crossed the line with about a bike length ahead of the 35+ victor (and teammate) Keely Brooks. Vikki Appel (Southbay Wheelmen) was just behind, for silver in the 35+ race.

Keely Brooks 1st, Vikki Appel 2nd, Charity Chia 3rd in the 35+ race

Julie Cutts 1st, Bonnie Breeze 2nd, Angela Wimberly 3rd in the 45+ race

following their long break, Paul Rodriguez (UC Cyclery / JW Floors) and
Jonathan Livesay (Montrose Cycling Club) would finish 1-2 in the 60+ race

victory salute of Paul Rodriguez

the top three in the 55+ race - William Ralph, Bob Pellkofer, Lee Romans

the 50+ podium - Craig Miller, Marvin Hall, Steven Strickler

Craig Miller celebrates win number 2 - in the 45+ race

Other Championship races:

60+  Paul Rodriguez (UC Cyclery / JW Floors) 1st, Jonathan Livesay (Montrose Cycling Club) 2nd, Kalman Szkalak (UC Cyclery / JW Floors) 3rd

55+ William Ralph (Rokform/Rock N'Road) 1st, Bob Pellkofer (Rokform/Rock N'Road) 2nd, Lee Romans (Paramount Racing) 3rd

50+ Craig Miller (BBI-SIC Cycling) 1st, Marvin Hall (UC Cyclery / JW Floors) 2nd, Steven Strickler (Surf City Cyclery / Sterling BMW) 3rd

45+ Craig Miller 1st, Mark Noble (METALMTN Cycling) 2nd, Armin Rahm (TIME - Velo Pasadena) 3rd

40+ Daniel Reback (Surf City Cyclery / Sterling BMW) 1st, Scott Cochran (MRI Endurance Elite Masters) 2nd, Derryl Halpern (METALMTN Cycling) 3rd

35+ was still to finish when I had to leave
however, a selection of 106 more photos are here.