GMR Friday: Into the Clouds...

Glendora Mountain Road doesn't rise all that high, but this morning some clouds were hanging low in the sky. Low enough that it did not take long for moisture to start collecting on the glasses; I took them off, then put them back on a couple times, before giving up on that battle after deciding I could see better without them. There were a couple other riders at the Top of Monroe - they quickly dropped back down, while I hung around a little longer. It was quiet up there, and all the more so because of the cloud cover. The entirety of the world was close at hand, there was no distance, no horizon. Dark shapes prowled the edges of vision, murky and unfamiliar.

But that was the apex of the ride, the prelude is always the ride through the foothill communities - there was Corey and volunteers in the Coates van, marking the route of tomorrows Plain Wrap Ride II (which, by the way, you can still register for at the low price by stopping in at the Coates shop, or in the morning before the event for a little extra). Then there were the three Full Circle Cycle team riders who I chased down, then dropped when they pulled over as the pressure mounted. I never saw them after that; good thing they chose a different route today, it would have been really embarrassing for them struggling along behind me up GMR.

All right, maybe that last bit didn't quite play out as described.
Enjoy your weekend rides, where ever they take you.