Earth Day 2013 in Claremont...

the biking end of the Earth Day festival

dedication of the Uncommon Good Whole Earth Building

So, Earth Day was celebrated in Claremont today, along 2nd Street on both sides of Indian Hill. And for blocks around - where ever people could find a space to park their cars (sigh). I wasn't the only one to notice the hypocrisy in that, but for far too many it was just another day to hop in the car. Fortunately it wasn't all grim, as there were also plenty of folks who arrived by bike, and on foot. It was also good to see plenty of people stop by the talk to Cory of Coates, ask about the bikes he had brought from the shop, or to ask questions of the volunteers from the Claremont Senior Bicycle Group, and others with the Pomona Valley Bicycle Coalition.

I didn't notice a lot of riders testing their bike handling abilities on the skills course, but the kids who tried seemed to be having a lot of fun. Later a couple riders, on their fixed-gear bikes, had all onlookers amazed by their track stand abilities. Props to everyone who put their apprehensions aside and had a go around the course.

Earth Day also marked the opening dedication of Uncommon Good's Whole Earth Building. The building will serve as the nonprofit organization's headquarters, and was built from 85% on-site materials (as in dirt packed into sandbags). The Los Angeles Times ran a story on the building a few days ago - see here, and there is also more at the website of Uncommon Good.

while it was great that bike racks figured into the building plan, and that they match the building,
but they are not the most stable design. unless they figure everyone will have a kickstand