Cycling Claremont: Heirloom...

The front door of Heirloom opens onto Indian Hill Boulevard where passersby on foot or bike have a good view inside. From that perspective it is hard to miss the cruiser prominently displayed. Closer inspection shows other products, nicknacks, and bric-a-brac with bicycle graphics. And that's not all, Heirloom sells unique, hand-crafted items for person or home; they also offer workshops in their "crafts lab" where you can make your own unique handcraft items. When I need a special gift, this is one of the shops in the Claremont Village I am sure to check out. Give them a look when you are riding through.

The Cycling Claremont series of posts highlight some of the local businesses I have been known to frequent because I like what they offer, because they are bicycle friendly, or because they provide something unique or interesting, and which visitors to Claremont may also like.