15 Photos of 2 Days Away...

We have all heard, at one time or another, that life is not always about the bike. With that thought in mind I spent the past two days camping at Joshua Tree National Park with a couple families (classmates of the son). With a notable lack of rainfall this year, the desert is not the most colorful I have seen it, but if you take some time to get close, there are splashes of brilliance to be seen. Other than some more of those really strong winds we have been experiencing lately the weather was just fine - warm and desert-like, but not hot - and it was great to get away.

the park's namesake tree

I did bring the bike (29er) - just in case - if I could swing some time to ride Berdoo Canyon. Instead my time was filled with hiking, exploring, bouldering and rock climbing, and I never gave any thought to taking the bike off the rack. I have heard there is a time and place for everything, I guess this time was not the bikes.

indian paintbrush

fiery colors of the desert

wasp in a joshua tree blossom

soaking up some sun, hunkered down against the wind

scrambling back down

remains of the Lost Horse ten stamp mill...

examining the mining machinery

according to the interpretive plaque at the site, the Lost Horse Mine operated intermittently between 1893 and 1936, and produced over 9000 ounces of gold. The workings consisted of a 500 foot shaft, the opening of which is directly behind (upslope) of the stamp mill, an early 80 foot adit, several stopes where the vein was followed, and at least six working levels with the main tunnels at the 100, 200 and 300 foot levels. Remnants here include the large wooden ore storage bin and 10-stamp mill (shown), two rock-walled storage reservoirs, and portions of engines and compressors. There are some collapsed openings on the hillside, as well as on the hillside across the small canyon, some foundations and small stone-walled structures.

campsite at Sheep Pass

campfires and marshmallows

typical small mine with collapsed entry

coyote? maybe kit fox?

I may have spent the two days afoot, but others got their riding in


  1. ohmy joshua tree is MAGICAL. We were there over NYE (escaping the everything) and sometime also in palm springs and had a great time with live music in pioneertown, even some snow.
    LOVE the fotos, and this post :)

    “I have heard there is a time and place for everything” so so true <3

  2. Thanks. I have always liked going out to Joshua Tree for so many different reasons. And best of all, it is so close.


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