Monday Blues: Red Dots Cycling...

After a hectic three days, I thought I would take a day off from the blog, but then I noticed an email that I wanted to address straight away. So the question that I faced last night, once I had wrapped up this year's San Dimas Stage Race coverage, was how to help out a self-starter, passionate cyclist, and fellow-cycling blogger raise some funds for business upgrades, yet at the same time keep to my Monday Blues schedule? The answer was easy, of course; simply feature one of his true blue products.

Many of you may know of Richard for his Cycling Art Blog, or for his small company, Red Dots Cycling, which produces unique cycling caps and recycled inner tube products for the cycling community. Well, Red Dots has started a campaign to upgrade some of their production equipment to provide even better service and production ability. You can check out the campaign on indiegogo, read the info, watch the short video, and contribute to the endeavor as you see fit. As little as $10.00 can help this small cycling company, and its two partners (Richard and Carolle), to grow.


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