From the Library: Slaying the Badger...

No event of historical significance (as well as any of less significance) exists in a vacuum. There are always preceding incidents, each a step in an evolving story, contributing direction to the endgame. This is the strong point of Slaying the Badger. The physical and psychological battle between teammates, Greg Lemond and Bernard Hinault during the 1986 Tour de France occupies one of the most prominent spots in the annals of cycling history. Many are familiar with the rough story of what took place; Slaying the Badger fills in the gaps, contributing to a more complete understanding. Eventual third place finisher that year, Urs Zimmerman, says it best: "There's an official history of this Tour... but I think the real story is rather different... that's part of cycling. So many stories, and then stories behind the stories." A must read for anyone interested in the history of the sport of cycling in general, Greg Lemond, Bernard Hinault, or the Tour de France, in particular.

Moore, Richard   Slaying the Badger: Greg Lemond, Bernard Hinault and the Greatest Tour de France   Boulder, CO: VeloPress, 2012