Friday GMR, By My Sole...

One wonders how a lone shoe ends up in such a place, far further along the road than any but the most dedicated walker would ramble. Did it lose its grip on the roof of some random passing car? Did it slide off a trunk, or bounce off a rear bumper? I have lost things by each of those forgetful means. Or, was its repose at the side of the road not the result of chance? Did it come to rest in this ditch due to something more insidious, vaguely sinister? Something like being thrown from the opened window by an unknown thug whose vehicle then quickly, if not stealthily, disappeared around the next turn? Did a truck momentarily slow, creaking hinges foretell an opening door, the shoe given the boot, to land unceremoniously with a dull thud amongst dead leaves and Spring grasses?

Without shifting my feet (or foot actually, since I kept the left clipped in) from the spot I stopped rolling to snap the evidence photo above, I scanned the nearby verge. I searched both up, and down the road though I had already passed that direction, searching for an equally worn mate. No luck; nothing in view. Perhaps the missing half of the pair went the other way - downslope, out into air and then down, down who knows how far, hidden by brush, never to be seen again. While shoe's life has run out of miles, its story become silent, a week from today will see a four mile stretch of GMR play a part in hundreds of new stories as the San Dimas Stage Race begins with its individual race against the clock. Some may end up like shoe - worn down and out of time, while others will step up, looking to gain an advantage to bring with them into the following stage. Either way it should be a dog-tired, leg-burning, soul-searching (as opposed to my own sole-searching) good time.

I have to leave you with one photo of the road today, winding downhill, ceanothus in blue bloom all along the slope on either side:

road on the edge of the mountain - weaving with the contours

Oh, and don't forget, the US Cup mtb Series visits Bonelli Park this weekend. Good venue to watch some dirt thrashing. I'll be riding by there at some point on Saturday. Have a good weekend.