Cycling Claremont: Crepes de Paris...

In honor of the 71st running of Paris-Nice, I thought it would be a good time to highlight another of the Packing House's newer food establishments. As the name suggests, Crepes de Paris is all about the crepes. They serve both "savory" crepes (meats, cheese, vegetable fillings) and sweet crepes. Thus far, during each visit, I have been determined to try a sweet crepe, but have filled up on the more meal-oriented ones instead. I, and my various dining companions will attest that the crepes, such as the ham and cheese, and the St. Louis are both tasty and filling. Washed down with a Lorina pink lemonade, or an Orangina, and I walk out the door satisfied. 

Bike racks line the sidewalk outside, tables in or out, sometimes old films playing on screen. The only thing that would make if more complete would be if the hosts and servers spoke with those outrageous French accents. My only knock is that, when busy, there can be a delay in order taking while food is delivered to other diners. While his might best be solved by adding a server to the staff, I will trade a few minutes for hot food.

Their website is pretty much useless (it lists three other locations, but not the Claremont one even though it opened in August last year), and the menu feature isn't very helpful since it does not list ingredients, but here is the link anyway. If you like crepes, if you want to try crepes, it is well worth the visit. Ride on over.

The Cycling Claremont series of posts highlight some of the local businesses I have been known to frequent because I like what they offer, because they are bicycle friendly, or because they provide something unique or interesting, and which visitors to Claremont may also like.